A human-centered approach to bias awareness & intervention

How might we marry human-centered design and un-biasing work and formal dialogue practice to help people become aware of and counteract their biases?

"Designing for Worldview" is a workshop that applies the problem-solving power of human-centered design to the challenge of building awareness of unconscious bias. Participants finish the workshop with an understanding of design thinking as well as an opportunity to design an intervention for a partner's unconscious bias.

The experience was developed by Stanford d.school Senior Media Designer Emi Kolawole and Inclusion Ventures founder & CEO Amy Lazarus at the Stanford d.school as part of the Media Experiments collaboration between the d.school and Knight Foundation. The experience includes an exploration of life experience, a problem definition phase using a framework called "The World Viewfinder" and ends with participants designing a prototype for a partner that leverages behavioral research and mobile phone technology.

We are currently running "Designing for Worldview" with interested organizations. If you are interested or believe your organization might be interested in running this workshop, please message us, using the form at the bottom of the page.

We all have bias,
and we are all creative. 

“The cringe” — the negative reaction that occurs when issues of bias are discussed — can lead individuals of both a majority and minority group to shut down. Majority or privileged group members stand to become defensive, guilty and feel blamed or shamed for past events in which they did not take part. Meanwhile, minority or marginalized group members stand to feel further marginalized, victimized and/or despondent. Both groups stand to feel helpless, disempowered and may even seek to revert back to the status quo in order to feel safe. The path around this response is to begin with establishing universal, common ground by approaching bias through the lenses of “worldview" and "life experience". Then, pair that knowledge with the ability to engage in a problem-solving method, giving people a clear path from problem to creative solution-finding. 

Ultimately, "Designing for World View" presents an opportunity for creative problem-solving to become the lens through which people see and disrupt unconscious bias. It allows those who are not familiar or comfortable with bias to enter the topic area more easily. It enables them to go from knowledge of the challenge to action within the same experience. This workshop also gives organizations an opportunity to learn the human-centered design process as taught at the Stanford d.school.

About Emi & Amy


Amy Lazarus is the CEO and founder of Inclusion Ventures, which "helps people and their organizations ... contribute, thrive, and grow." Prior to founding Inclusion Ventures, Amy was the Executive Director of the International Institute for Sustained Dialogue and Sustained Dialogue Campus Network. Amy's work has resulted in "increased employee engagement in the workplace, the ability of colleagues to make better decisions, and building a pipeline of lifelong inclusive learners from campus to career." Amy is a media designer with the d.school Media Experiments project.

Emi Kolawole is a senior media designer at the Stanford d.school where she is running a project portfolio within the Media Experiments team called "PARA∆IGM". The portfolio focuses on the intersection of media, bias and human-centered design. Prior to her work at the d.school, Emi was the founding editor of the "Innovations" section at The Washington Post and has served as the associate producer of "Washington Week with Gwen Ifill", as a Staff Writer at FactCheck.org, researcher at Congressional Quarterly and production assistant on "NOW with Bill Moyers," among other roles. 


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We are currently working with organizations of all sizes to host "Designing for Worldview". We are particularly interested in media and media platform companies, but we recognize that all companies are, in part, media companies. If you are interested in hosting Designing for Worldview at your organization, please fill out the following form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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