Redemption, healing and why diversity in media matters

(Photo via  TED )

(Photo via TED)

I discovered this area in the library where there were authors who looked like me, and that piqued my interest. Once I read the story of [Malcom X’s] personal redemption and the things he went through, and how he took personal accountability and responsibility going forward, that started something in my thinking. The next thing was getting a letter from my son and hearing his interpretation of why I was in prison. As a father, you know, no one wants their child to look at them as a monster. Then I began journaling, and that was by far one of the best things I did. Being able to write and go back and examine the things I wrote about and what I thought about and the impact it had not only on my life but on the lives of my victim’s family, my family, and my community …
— Shaka Senghor

Emi Kolawole

Emi Kolawole earned her B.A. in international relations and theater studies from Wellesley College and studied abroad at both the Panthéon-Sorbonne and the National Theater Institute.  She joined the Annenberg Public Policy Center's in November, 2005 after working as a news researcher for Congressional Quarterly on issues of defense, foreign policy, intelligence and homeland security. Previously, she was a production assistant at PBS's "NOW With Bill Moyers," and worked in the Washington area office of a defense contractor.

In addition to her work as a staff writer and researcher for FactCheck, Emi was the host, writer and video editor for's weekly video feature "Just the Facts!"  She is a level 1 certified Final Cut Pro editor and earned her master's degree in producing for film and video at American University. She also led the fact-checking review effort for "UnSpun: Finding Facts in a World of Disinformation."

Emi served as the associate producer for "Washington Week with Gwen Ifill & National Journal." In June 2010 she joined the Washington Post as a producer for PostPolitics. She served as the founding editor for Ideas@Innovations (now "Innovations") and co-host for the Post's daily news program "59 Seconds." In 2011, Emi was named a Young Global Shaper by The World Economic Forum. In 2013 she was listed among The Grio 100, was named a French-American Foundation Young Leader and accepted an invitation to become the Editor-in-residence at the at Stanford University. She has served for the past three years at the, most recently as a senior media designer working on the media experiments collaboration between Knight Foundation and the She is currently the founder of the media and design consultancy Dexign LLC.